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Edmond Massage Therapist, Ana Barnes


Ana Barnes was born in Guatemala. She was adopted shortly before turning 3 years old and raised in Edmond/OKC area. Ana was in a car accident in 2012, which sent her to the ER for emergency pelvis surgery. She broke 5 bones in her pelvis and now lives with 3, six inch screws in her pelvis. She was diagnosed with chronic back pain because of injuries sustained.



Ana Barnes

Ana began massaging in 2014, before the licensing laws changed in Oklahoma. She worked at 2 different spas before going independent. She then went to school and graduated from Integrated Massage Therapy College in 2019. Then the following year went to and graduated from Oklahoma Central College. She learned different modalities at each school and now has over 1,200 hours, whereas the minimum requirement in Oklahoma is currently 500 hours. She then passed her state boards test, became licensed, and insured in 2020.

Testament to Quality

During her schooling in 2020, her chronic back pain became so bad that she lost mobility and was unable to stand or walk for long periods of time. Her massage therapist instructor at the time was a chiropractic assistant and urged her to seek out chiropractic care. She did just that and was able to be mobile and pain free again. She now gets weekly adjustments and regular massages because the two combined have worked wonders for her. She states, “My adjustments keep me mobile and my massages are my pain management. I believe in holistic therapies because I am a testament to the fact that they do work!” Her own experience led her to want to become a chiropractic assistant as well as a massage therapist so that she could help others the way that it has and continues to help her.

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