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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a natural, non-surgical, drug-free treatment that involves manipulation of restricted joints in the spine and extremities. Joints can become restricted due to improper posture, trauma/injury, or poor muscle activity.

The foundation of what we do at Back to Wellness Chiropractic is joint manipulation aka chiropractic adjustment. The purpose of joint manipulation is to restore lost motion in joint segments, otherwise known as joint blockage. After a proper joint assessment, otherwise known as palpation, we determine where the joint blockages are located throughout the body and restore that motion using joint manipulation, otherwise known as the adjustment. Our practice has a very strong background in the Motion Palpation Institute (MPI), a national organization that strives to teach doctors and students how to be the best palpators and adjusters in the world.

If you feel sketchy about “popping” or “cracking” or you have a medical condition that is contraindicated, we have tools to improve joint range of motion in a light force way.


What are some symptoms that you can help me find relief for?

Neck Pain, Back Pain, Sprains/strains, TMJ, Sports Injuries, Tendonosis, and many more (clickable link to conditions page)

Once I start getting adjusted, will I have to continue forever?

That is dependent on your goals for overall wellness! We operate using a three phase system for relief and wellness, each one would necessitate different levels of commitment.

Are your adjustments gentle?

There are many ways to adjust the spine! During our exam and consultation with you, we will discuss your concerns or preferences for care, and come up with a plan that makes you feel comfortable. There are adjusting methods that are low force, and do not require popping or cracking your spine.

Will I just be adjusted, or will you help me with things I can do on my own as well?

We are passionate about education, and giving you the tools to take your health into your own hands! We will integrate exercise programs for you to work on at home, into your care. (hyperlink to the Home Exercise Program page)

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